Electric scooter U2

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Control U2

The scooter has a very simple operation, a lever for driving forward on the right hand, on the left lever for activating the electric brake, which is complemented by a foot brake on the rear fender. The U2 has three gears with a speed limiter of 10 km/h, 15 km/h and 25 km/h. The front wheel suspension ensures a more comfortable ride.

Distance U2

The U2 electronic scooter has a range of 15 km (+/- 5 km). Scooter travel is a much-discussed issue and it needs to be explained that it can be significantly affected by a number of factors. The range under optimal conditions is often stated, but they do not exist in real operation, and the actual range is very often significantly smaller. Therefore, we present the range of each scooter in a range of several km. The actual range of the scooter affects the driver's weight, driving style, track profile, speed, air resistance and more.

Storage U2

The scooter is very easily folded by stepping on the blue safety lever in the front of the motherboard. The handlebars lock automatically when folded to the board. The handles are removable and the scooter is then very compact and easily portable.

Ecology U2

The U2 e-scooter weighs 11.5 kg and will carry a driver weighing 100 kg. This cannot be compared at all with a regular car. Another plus is the electric drive, which does not emit any emissions into the air during its ride. Scooters also do not need any parking spaces. Simply fold it and hide it in the locker room or, for example, under a desk in the office.


Different legislation may apply to each country, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with them before the first ride and comply with all necessary regulations.

The main thing is to have a helmet on - we recommend the URBIS helmet and do not ride on the sidewalks. It is also important to give other road users a signal to change direction. This can be dangerous on a scooter that has a small gyroscopic moment. Therefore, we do not recommend giving this sign in the same way as on a bicycle (right / left hand), but using the URBIS signal ladder.

Additional information

Weight 11,5 kg
Engine power (W)


Maximum speed (km/h)


Battery capacity (Ah)


Maximum range (km)


Recharge time (hour)


Bluetooth application




Age of driver


Height of driver (cm)


Weight (kg)


Maximum weight of driver (kg)


Dimensions (l*w*h)

106x42x109 cm


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